Auto Reviews

BIG LEAGUES A much improved Forester will compete better with models like Honda’s CR-V.

Subaru takes on the compact sport utility market with the updated Forester, which offers more room, new features and better fuel economy than its predecessor.

Chevrolet announced today that the 2014 Corvette Stingray starts at just under $52,000.

By auto industry standards, the new Avalon is hardly revolutionary, but by Toyota’s staid standards, the car represents an advance on modern territory, a dowager edging onto the electronica dance floor.

The Vanquish, which assumes the DBS’s position atop the Aston hierarchy, seems to be appreciated as one of the world’s most nakedly pretty automobiles.

The Rapide, Aston Martin’s four-door sports car, is a version of the sporty DB9 with a wheelbase that’s been stretched 9.8 inches, which is more than long enough to shove in a pair of rear doors.

The 2014 California 1400 is the first Moto Guzzi designed from scratch since Piaggio acquired the motorcycle company in late 2004.

The 2013 MKZ is just different enough from the Ford Fusion to suggest that future Lincolns will be stylistically removed from their Ford relatives.

The 2014 Mazda 6 reasserts the style and handling that once set it apart from the Camrys and Accords of the midsize market.

The Range Rover Sport is a smaller and less expensive offshoot of the flagship Range Rover, itself redesigned for 2013. Compared with the previous Sport, the 2014 model is lighter and has a lower roofline,

Even though it’s a six-figure luxury vehicle, the 2013 Range Rover can still pull through axle-deep mud and sand, maintain its grip in snow and crawl up and over boulders.

An updated map showing the cars and trucks that are currently built in the United States.

With the 2014 Forester, Subaru might finally have a challenger to small-crossover stalwarts like the Honda CRV and Ford Escape.

The 2013 Avalon finds itself the unlikely avatar of a purportedly new — more adventurous and design-driven — Toyota.

Aston Martin’s two-door Vanquish and four-door Rapide S are visually stunning models that work to justify their $200,000-plus price tags.

Based on the Ford Fusion, the 2013 MKZ reflects Lincoln’s ongoing attempt to distinguish itself from its Ford relatives.

The redesigned 2014 Mazda 6 is a looker again, a shapely adaptation of the Takeri concept car that made the rounds of international auto shows.

The Range Rover, subject of a complete redesign for 2013, still has the capability to carry occupants to places where most owners would never dream of driving.

The Jetta Hybrid represents uncharted territory for VW, whose identity is fundamentally characterized by the rumble of an efficient internal-combustion engine.

The Encore is a bold move from a brand once known for cautious conservatism.